For mums who want to lose weight, get strong and love their body.


It's time to do things differently......

No calorie counting.

No punishing, self hate exercises or making you wet yourself.

No diet plans.

No removing food groups.

No eating different meals and stressing at restaurants.

No pressure to 'bounce-back'.


You have grown humans inside you.


A mums body and life is different now.


There’s a reason why programmes/challenges are great at the time but once they’re over, you 'fall off the wagon'.


You haven’t learnt what works for your body. You haven't learnt about your habits and behaviours.


It’s time to get empowered.


Let's get your body back into balance so you can lose weight with ease, get strong and love the mum you see in the mirror.



What can mums expect?


In person in a little boutique studio in Glenelg, on the beach. OR online you receive your own personal health and fitness app for support, accountability and check-ins.

Classes are suited from a beginner to advanced level. Maximum of 4 mums per class, you will be given exercises and stretches suited to your own personal needs.


We use a mixture of bodyweight, weights, mobility, yoga and more. Clients must do an initial assessment prior to booking in.


Whether you had an amazing birth, vaginal, c section or dealt with trauma. Changes happen…we grew a human inside us (bloody impressive).


Understand your new body and strengthen the weaknesses from pelvic floor, elevator evulsion, rectus diastasis, SIJ issues, low back pain and weak core. Build a strong foundation to live pain free and super mobile to run around after your babies.


Working closely with a pelvic floor specialist, physio and women’s health massage therapist to ensure the best support.


When it comes to burning fat, yes we have to move more but mums do that a lot already, perks of having children haha.


Often times call for more nurturing methods and a focus on ways to bring the cortisol levels down so your body is functioning optimally to suit your lifestyle.


This is where stretching, mobility, sleep, mindset, breathing etc come into play. A total game changer for mums.


How often do you look in the mirror and say something nice about yourself? I bet not that often. Let’s change that. Learn how to love who you see in the mirror whatever shape or size you are.


Your body is beautiful. It’s doing and has done miraculous work.


“Say goodbye to your inner critique and take this pledge to be kinder to yourself”. Oprah.


You’ll learn how to eat best for your body and lifestyle, so you're empowered and confident (even in a restaurant). Not stressing about foods or eating different meals to your family.


Understand your relationship to food so rather than emotional or habit eating, you’ll see food for healing, nourishment and fuel.


No diet plans, calorie counting or cleanses and detoxes.


More and more research is currently proving the importance of good gut health throughout our lives and linking gut health to overall wellbeing both physically and emotionally. 

While women's body's are placed under stress which in turn causes changes in our health throughout pregnancy or postnatally, often presenting itself in digestive changes and upsets to gut health causing bloating, indigestion, stomach upsets and yeast overgrowth conditions like Candida.

I work closely with a women’s health naturopath to ensure we provide the best support.

What other mums saying...

June pic_edited.jpg

June, mum of 1

"Lara was an angel sent from heaven who rescued me and worked with me doing strength and core work. Lara encourages me throughout my health journey and I'm in a much happier place. I now walk past shops that once tempted me feeling confident in myself to say no. Oh and no more back pain for me".

Jenni Freeman pic.jpeg

Jenni, mum of 2

"Lara's taught me the importance of balance - thinking about how I feel, what works for me, not punishing myself with exercise or having something sweet. I am so much stronger and more toned all over. I keep coming back because of how Lara motivates, is realistic about mum life and she has a wicked sense of humour".

Brooke profile pic_edited.jpg

Brooke, mum of 1

"I struggled to lose weight counting calories and felt stressed about food. I was even considering going to a doctor thinking there was something wrong with me. I couldn't believe it when Lara told me to eat more fat. I have since lost 4.5kgs in about 8-weeks, easily. My skin is clear and I'm no longer constipated. I'm still in shock and feel it should be harder, haha".

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