Holistic Health Coaching For Mums

Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better.

Hello beautiful mum,

You're probably here because you feel a little lost. You're desperately trying to love your body again but what use to work pre children, isn't working anymore.

Plus, you have new aches and pains which means maybe you can't do what you use to do anyway to get into shape.

You don't have time to train 5+ days a week and/or you're dealing with mum guilt when you make some time.

Well, you've come to the right place. VirtualPT takes a holistic approach to health.

A MUM SUPPORTING MUMS to feel better, move better and look better.

All our memberships are tailored to suit mums and their lifestyles, from online to face-to-face.

It's not about HIIT training and calorie counting. It's about getting your body back into balance so it's able to lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, feel happier, great digestion and, we have fun doing it.

If you're keen to have a chat to see how we can help drop us a message.

Or come and try a class or workshop.

We can't wait to hear from you.

Lara x

Book a health whiteboarding session

This is a super powerful, complimentary session taking about 1hr. You will discover exactly what's been stopping you get the health goals you want and leave with the right steps for you to move forward. Online or in-person. Perfect if you're not sure what membership will suit you best.


Who's Lara


My name is Lara, based in South Australia however I'm a Brit.

I am a certified life coach, personal trainer and yin yoga instructor, but more importantly, I'm a mum to a cheeky little boy called Monty.


I work with clients online and in-person across Australia and UK to help them feel empowered and love their body again.

Reach out if you have questions, L x

4X Membership


Eat for your unique body without counting calories, keeping a food diary, removing food groups or buying expensive supplements. This is like nothing you have ever experienced before. You'll enjoy the process, without feeling overwhelmed or confused.​ No creating different meals at dinner time.

Enjoy exercises that not only suit your unique body and goals, but will also focus on strengthening weaknesses you may have from having babies.

Learn how to parent yourself and understand your relationship with food and the behaviours and patterns you have created. This will help you confidently make food choices out of hunger rather than emotional, habit or boredom.

Learn how to love yourself and your body feeling confident to be naked and actually say nice things to yourself when you look in the mirror.

Get your body back into balance using simple techniques that will give you back your energy so you can happily play with your children.

Be part of a loving, fun and supportive community of mums where you don't just have to 'fit in', you belong.

Our Methods


Post Natal Rehab

Mums bodies have been through so much, a little or a lot of rehab is needed. Be kind to yourself and know that we need to build the foundations first. We work alongside specialists to improve pelvic floor, ab separation, back and hip issues.


We focus on giving you the tools to learn how to eat best for your body, so you're empowered and confident to eat what you want and need. We discover what foods your body needs to be working optimally. No diets, calorie counting or cleanses and detoxes.


From 1-2-1, semi private and small group training. We focus on your body, your goals and your time. Whether that's 'working out' or 'working in'. Full body, low impact, strength training is a common focus to get lean, strong and pain-free. (You can try a small group class by booking below).

Lifestyle Coaching

The most important factor in getting your body back into balance and feeling your best. Group online coaching is key to helping you stay focussed, accountable and supported. Often the challenges behind why we aren't in the shape we want is our behaviours, values and limiting beliefs.

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